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John Faiola & Jennifer Crooks

Sharing the Keto Lifestyle through Coaching, Better Food Choices & Supplementation

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John and Jennifer are Serial Technology Entrepreneurs who have monopolized their own health by utilizing Prüvit’s ketone technology tools for optimal health and overall wellness.  Our philosophy remains simple.. MAKE. PEOPLE. BETTER !


Our primary focus is helping people just like you, realize powerful ways they can optimize their human potential through nutrition, movement and overall wellness. We are so proud to partner with the worldwide leader in Ketone Technology, Prüvit. Not only does Prüvit start with a powerful community based education first, they have impassioned us to promote a variety of multi-patented, completely natural and bio-identical products.  What makes us most excited is our community members have the awesome opportunity to change their lives in 10 short days with our... 

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